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Idox Bid Review Service

Idox’s Bid Review Service is designed to help businesses improve the quality of their bids.

Why choose a review service?

No-one knows your project better and is able to speak more passionately about it than you. But knowing the project so well can often be a hindrance to writing about it effectively.

Benefits of the Idox Bid Review Service

Having one of Idox’s team of trainers and consultants apply a critical eye to your application will ensure it is focused on funder objectives and that your message is clear and consistent.

Employing Idox’s services provides you with access to seasoned funding professionals who:

  • are specialists in particular areas;
  • can assess your application in an objective and dispassionate way; and
  • can use their breadth of knowledge of different funding providers and previous successful applications to make sure your bid hits all the right notes.

Who will benefit?

Any staff member who has identified an appropriate funding opportunity and who is preparing an initial draft application.


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Typical Review Process

Typical Review Process